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  1. BillyScribbles

    guide Convert PSX ISOs to CHD to save space

    At the end the first image repeats, it's my mistake, I don't know how to fix it, sorry
  2. You might know the Compressed Hunk of Data (CHD) format used by MAME to distribute games on CD-ROM more easily (CPS3, Laserdisc, even NAOMI, although this used GD-ROM, but it is the same) Well, currently several emulators have implemented support for ISOs compressed in CHD format to save disk space (Very useful for users of Retropie or with a HDD with little space) Very well, the point of the post is to explain how to compress ISOs to this format, so ... The first thing you need is the CHDMAN tool (which you can get here) As an example, I will use a Cybersled ISO. Put it in the
  3. I never knew about this sequel, I'll give it a try It is also very cool that you have uploaded a CHD
  4. Darius (Mega Drive Mini) ダライアス Developer: M2, Hideki Konishi Genre: Scrolling Shooter Release Date: 2019-09-19 [Hidden Content]
  5. BillyScribbles


    I have it, I will upload it, the same with that of tetris
  6. BillyScribbles

    Cotton Games (All NTSC-J)

    Boi Thx for the upload, here in Venezuela the internet is crappy so i cannot download some things, but, the filesizes are perfect. Downloading
  7. It is! I really like early 3D games. You're welcome dude!
  8. BillyScribbles

    mega Mickey's Wild Adventure (PAL) [SCES-00163] (No EDC)

    Bypassing the slippery Mickey's physics, the game is fully enjoyable, very fun, recommended!
  9. Mickey's Wild Adventure Genre: Action, Platformer Developer: Traveller's Tales Release Date: March 1996 [Hidden Content]
  10. Mega Man X3 Genre: Action, Platformer Developer: Capcom Release Date: July 1997 [Hidden Content]
  11. Ninja Jajamaru-Kun Onigiri Ninpouchou Genre: Action, Platformer Developer: Game Studio/Infinity Release Date: 02/21/1997 [Hidden Content]
  12. Okay, I will not repeat it. Hide covers in high resolution 😄
  13. Oh, I'm sorry, I'll correct the above (The PaRappa post) :c
  14. Sorry, I did not get a cover in high resolution
  15. Disney's Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey マジカルテトリスチャレンジ featuring ミッキー Genre: Puzzle Developer: Capcom Release Date: March 18, 1999 [Hidden Content]
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