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  1. Darius (Mega Drive Mini) ダライアス Developer: M2, Hideki Konishi Genre: Scrolling Shooter Release Date: 2019-09-19 [Hidden Content]
  2. BillyScribbles


    I have it, I will upload it, the same with that of tetris
  3. BillyScribbles

    Cotton Games (All NTSC-J)

    Boi Thx for the upload, here in Venezuela the internet is crappy so i cannot download some things, but, the filesizes are perfect. Downloading
  4. It is! I really like early 3D games. You're welcome dude!
  5. BillyScribbles

    mega Mickey's Wild Adventure (PAL) [SCES-00163] (No EDC)

    Bypassing the slippery Mickey's physics, the game is fully enjoyable, very fun, recommended!
  6. Mickey's Wild Adventure Genre: Action, Platformer Developer: Traveller's Tales Release Date: March 1996 [Hidden Content]
  7. Mega Man X3 Genre: Action, Platformer Developer: Capcom Release Date: July 1997 [Hidden Content]
  8. Ninja Jajamaru-Kun Onigiri Ninpouchou Genre: Action, Platformer Developer: Game Studio/Infinity Release Date: 02/21/1997 [Hidden Content]
  9. Okay, I will not repeat it. Hide covers in high resolution 😄
  10. Oh, I'm sorry, I'll correct the above (The PaRappa post) :c
  11. Sorry, I did not get a cover in high resolution
  12. Disney's Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey マジカルテトリスチャレンジ featuring ミッキー Genre: Puzzle Developer: Capcom Release Date: March 18, 1999 [Hidden Content]
  13. Hermie Hopperhead - Scrap Panic ハーミーホッパーヘッド- スクラップパニック Genre: Platformer Developer: Yuke's / Sugar & Rockets Release Date: 12/06/1998 [Hidden Content]
  14. BillyScribbles

    mega PaRappa the Rapper (NTSC-J) [SCPS-18002]

    Forget it, I just learned how!
  15. PaRappa the Rapper パラッパラッパー [Hidden Content]
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