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  1. charlescraft12

    Bullet Witch Japanese version

    Im Uploading It
  2. charlescraft12

    Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon?

  3. charlescraft12

    Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon?

    Yes I Will Upload
  4. charlescraft12

    ntscj Does anybody have a mega link for jap bo2 on ps3?

    all i found is one dlc http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/JP0082/BLJM60549_00/pdwzdOyWaCkDkxMwmLZkKeYGlBUXRoNzyciDzIMraGROjPHBKmFXnhaittKputJlCALJLgIRLFdGYGPPhiivaxxTvfaukjisSkTjf.pkg
  5. charlescraft12

    Resident Evil 4 Japan

    [Hidden Content]
  6. charlescraft12

    cod modern warfare 2 blks

    This Is Gonna Be A Tough One I Cant Find Any Trace Not Even A Seller All I Found Out Was The Region Code BLKS20159 And I Searched Up Region Still Nothing Sorry
  7. charlescraft12

    cod modern warfare 2 blks

    yea let me find something on that
  8. charlescraft12

    Silent Hill 3 Japan

    Have Fun Happy Gaming [Hidden Content]
  9. charlescraft12

    Silent Hill 2 Japan

    Tested On PS3 And PS2 Also On PCSX2 [Hidden Content]
  10. charlescraft12

    Burnout Dominator Japan

    [Hidden Content]
  11. charlescraft12

    Japanese Dubed Black ops 2 DLC request

    yes i am black ops 1 does the same thing to it just freezes when you use the dlc for japanese Version it seems the japanese versions only read for thier files? not other regions
  12. charlescraft12

    Japanese Dubed Black ops 2 DLC request

    Yea I tried That it throws up an error code in japanese saying wrong region and plus i noticed when theres no fulljap folder the game freezes so i created a fulljap folder in the dlc and paste all the files from that dlc in there and still doesnt work lol i tired every workaround and plus i stopped playing ps3 3 weeks ago recently bought a gaming pc but thanks for the advice buddy Japan Import Games Are Really Special to me i Have A collection of them and plan on uploading on here asap
  13. Can Someone Please Upload the DLC Maps For Japanse Black ops 2 The Dubbed ones not the subbed ones Thanks Region Is BLJM60549
  14. If anyone has the Japanese version of Grand Theft Auto 5 Can you please upload it
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