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  1. Make sure to put atomiswave games on a low class sd card with a maximum of 16GB, otherwise the games will freeze in some cases.
  2. ThiagoMG

    Can Xenocider run on any emulator?

    Thanx man, YOU SHINED LIKE A STAR!!!
  3. It looks like only Dreamshell version is working, my apologies.
  4. ThiagoMG

    Can Xenocider run on any emulator?

    Can you upload Xenocider?
  5. Finding Teddy and Ganryu are 100% working, The Escapee gives black screen unfortunaly, link: [Hidden Content]
  6. Can someone upload Xenocider and Escape 2042-The Truth Defenders??? [Hidden Content]
  7. Can someone upload Xenocider?? [Hidden Content]
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gFdsI1i6IT7ceGTsVo0inU4EODwE3m1_/view?usp=sharing
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