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  1. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Officially leaving NextGenRoms

    So After a year, I have decided to leave NGR. The reason why I am leaving NGR: 1: Japanese versions of Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed (I wonder why those versions are uploaded instead of the US versions) 2: Not all of my requests are not fulfilled 3: Becoming a youtuber I may return if NGR has changed, one day, Farewell! I may not be in the site but I'll still be on the NGR Discord though. ~Abandoned Witch For NGR~
  2. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega ParaParaParadise (NTSC-J)

    The home ports of this game was on Dreamcast (DreamParaPara), then this one. Later the game was forgotten by DDR, Pop'n Music, and Beatmania. I hope Konami revisit the franchise soon.
  3. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Cave shmups ported to the Xbox 360

    Abandoned Witch here and I am requesting for several Cave shmups that got ported to Microsoft's console (I wonder why those never came to Sony's PS3.) *Deathsmiles (by Aksys) *Deathsmiles II-X *Akai Katana (USA NTSC, by Rising Star Games) *Ket-su-i Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (by 5pb) *Dodonpachi Resurrection *Dodonpachi Saidaioujou *Pink Sweets Ibara Sorekara and Muchi Muchi Pork! *Mushihimesama *Mushihimesama Futari *Espgaluda II
  4. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Napple Tale English Translation| SEGA Dreamcast

    Thanks for this, since I played this game in Japanese before this recent translation came out. Gonna play Napple Tale before Halloween!!
  5. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    yandex Bouken (Bōken) Jidai Katsugeki Goemon (NTSC-J)

    Working Designs was at one point going to localize this game in 2002, but Sony rejected it.
  6. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mediafire Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Phantom Blood (NTSC-J)

    This game was supposed to be a tie-in to the Phantom Blood movie but the movie never came out, apparently. LSupersonicQ did a video on the unreleased movie btw.
  7. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    yandex Daemon Summoner (Pal)

    The PC version of this game is known as Chronicles of A Vampire Hunter.
  8. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Alone in the Dark INFERNO

    Abandoned Witch here and I am requesting for Alone in the Dark INFERNO, the better PS3 version of the 2008 reboot of Alone in the Dark by Eden Studios. I was watching a review of the game (by ProJared) and decide to request for the PS3 version that was released later after the original releases. Apparently that one fixed the controls, inventory, driving, and has a new story part.
  9. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega.nz Thrill Kill (USA)(Unreleased)

    Thanks for this. BTW to see the black screen use a proper video plugin on epsxe.
  10. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega.nz Atari - Jaguar (20160723) (No-Intro Romset)

    Thanks for this one, I was looking for a complete rom set that isn't ruined at all!
  11. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show (USA) (ISO) (ULUS-10431) [TNW]

    I remember playing this game and, eh not really that great, but decent. since this game features the Hannah Montana era Miley Hemsworth. (Apparently I was born the same year as Miley)
  12. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega.nz King's Field The Ancient City [NTSC]

    Thanks for this!!! I remember playing this back in the day though and I cant figure out the first area.
  13. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    King's Field - The Ancient City

    Requesting for the US version because it's released on DVD as opposed to the CD release, and because Iam going to reburn the game with the ISO because my backup didn't work anymore.
  14. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Bloodstained -Ritual of the Night-

    I am requesting for the game Bloodstained -Ritual of the Night- by ArtPlay. IGA and 505 Games, released recently for all platforms (except Vita because they cancelled that version). I've seen reviews for this game as a modern Metroidvania and can't wait to try this game out - its a result of 4 year Kickstarter funding. btw does this version have the Game Sack Power Strip? Just played Curse of the Moon (the prequel made during the development of ROTN) so I cant wait to play.
  15. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Homefront Japanese version

    Requesting for the Spike JP release of Homefront by THQ, since that version has no reference to North Korea or Kim Jong Il.
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