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  1. Gh0st

    C1-9649-8 Error

    After when i formatted memory card,henkaku enso and adernaline works without that error ! Thx for your help
  2. Gh0st

    C1-9649-8 Error

    I've done rebuilding database a few minutes ago but unfortunately without results(when i try to run adrenaline or henkaku enso,this error message appears again. About Enso i know it but as i wrote above,i can install adrenaline or enso without problems but when i try to run it i have that error.So if i can't run enso i don't have permanent CFW. I don't understand why only this 2 apps won't work on my vita.
  3. Gh0st

    C1-9649-8 Error

    Thx for your response Are you running an SD2Vita configuration? No i don't have option like that(I have original 16gb vita memory card).Maybe i have older version of henkaku because only thing that i updated last time was vitashell(1.43) and i use henkaku offline Can you think of/remember anything in particular that cause this? A random power outage, something installing incorrectly and failing, etc No,but this error appears only when i try to run adrenaline or henkaku enso(i can install enso and adrenaline through vitashell or molecularshell without problems).All games, a
  4. Gh0st

    C1-9649-8 Error

    Hi ,today when i tried to run Adrenaline on my vita(3.60 and henkaku offline enabled) i get this error message C1-9649-8(games and other apps with henkaku offline works without problem). And when i tried to run henkaku enso i had the same error message.
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