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  1. Anyone have any ideas or maybe a different place to post this? i didnt want to bother Mai toll makers github but still isnt resolved >.
  2. Originally I had Vitamin and Maidumptool both installed on PS TV with no problems using each for different Dumps/DLC/Update files etc. My issue occurred when I transfered Terraria from ps3 with update 1.07 packed with basic game. A total of 90ish mb game w/Update (basic game 32mb). I loaded Maidumptool selected Terraria then selected to "extract the entire game and decrypt eboot (incl. suprx) ( i.e. first selection) below that it said ------------ START! NOTE: THIS APPLICATION DOESN'T USE PARTY NOTE: THIS APPLICATION DOESN'T USE PARTY NOTE: THIS APPLICATION DOESN'T USE PARTY IF THE PROGRAM KEEPS ERRONEOUSLY OPENING AND CLOSING THE PARTY APP YOU MAY HAVE TO REBUILD THE DB (THIS MEANS THERES A CONFLICT WITH ANOTHER SOFTWARE DUMPER) Configuring... Setup complete press O to extract or X to abort. -------------- -----srry for the caps but wanted ppl to be able to do a quick glance and get idea of issue.----- I went ahead and attempted a dump. It started by opening the party app and showing Terraria's manual in party app. This would be normal were it opening the Terraria app and going into instruction manual. Due to it being the party app with Terraria's manual inside it. I knew something went wrong so I closed the manual like you would normally do left party app open hoping to go into Mai and abort. This only caused Mai to run some code showing the number/letter moonspeak and switch over to party app again which is usual but it just kept going from Mai to Party app and then from party to Mai in a loop until I was finally able to shut down party. So after this I go into Terraria to see what happened and it tried to access Internet and said unable to use app it has expired ( it was a PS plus game and for some reason didn't show my plus as active even after updating and transfer from ps3) I am not sure if this is the reason this happened to start with but I can't use the game at all now and can't use party app as it just sits black and then kicks an error. So as it stands I can no longer dump with Mai or Vitamin as now every game I try be it a cart based or digital tries to open Party App. will give the above eroor warning but still will let you try to dump but does the same thing. The games will never dump to completion now even just a regular update or plain eboot they all are unfinished. This does not seem to afftect installs (yet) but i would like to share some of the stuff i have with others on this site and now see no way to do that besideds try & find a new PS TV. I have left my ps vita 1000 on 3.18 for TN V since i have the PSTV and cannot use it to dump. I USE A 64 GB CARD AND MY PS TV IS ON 3.60 HENKAKU 6 I HAVE DELETED MAI & VITAMIN WITH NO EFFECT AND REINSTALLED LOWER VERSIONS OF BOTH WITH NO EFFECT. I HAVE REBUILT DATBASE AND REFORMATED MEMORY CARD THEN REINSTALLED EVERYTHING ROM SCRATCH. I THEN RESET THE VITA TV AND DID A FRESH INSTALL FROM TOTAL WIPED SYSTEM & MEMORY CARD WITH NO CHANGES. I WOULD POST TO MAIDUMP GITHUB BUT SINCE IT HAS A ERROR THAT MENTIONS THE PARTY APP BY NAME I HOPE SOMEONE ELSE HAS ENCOUNTERED THIS ISSUE & SOLVED IT. i thought about trying something in Vitashell 1.41 like erase party app try a dump & see what happens but am afraid it will brick me. ANY COMMENTS WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED. I AM SORRY FOR THE HUGE POST BUT WANTED TO GIVE ALL INFO I CAN THINK OFF TO ENABLE A SOLUTION WITHOUT OTHER USERS HAVING TO ASK FOR THE INFO.
  3. hi i had tried this on the Darius Burst CS dump i found here and it started fine then when it opened the game and i hit circle to export it tried then said error in red and kicked me back out into live and now every time i try to start the game it shows the screen you get when you use the save manager and will no longer play even after removing the save mngr vpk. any ideas?