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  1. Audio is still in Japanese but the game has been patched by Wesker90 so the menu and other text is in English. I have patched this with the ESRDiscPatcher so you may want to unpatch or leave be according to how you play PS2 backups
  2. A favorite of mine. This is a rip of my personal copy. Enjoy! Bin/Cue format Patch with PseudoSaturn patch tool before burning
  3. Avery fun game. Did not see it uploaded here. Bin/Cue Format Patch with PseudoSaturn CD patcher tool before burning
  4. magnolm

    mega Albert Odyssey [NTSC-U]

    Im probably going to change my sig because admittedly its hard on the eys X_X
  5. magnolm

    mega Deep Fear [PAL-E]

    @GameroneI think I got it now. Thanks bro!
  6. magnolm

    mega Deep Fear [PAL-E]

    @GameroneIts one of my favs. The voice acting is hilarious. I added a spoiler and some tags. Lemme know if Im doing this right. I havent forum'd in a while so Im rusty 😛
  7. magnolm

    mega Deep Fear [PAL-E]

    This is the European release but it will work on an NTSC Saturn with PseudoSaturn (Could only find the Japanese cover image, sorry) Cue ISO WAV format Also I should mention that I got this from gametronik.
  8. Would be terrible if after all this the game flat out sucked.
  9. magnolm

    This place is awesome !

    Thank you all and I will keep an eye on the Dreamcast request forum. I have the whole US set burned to DVD's from my days on segahub.
  10. magnolm


    Nice. Thanks.
  11. Renewed interest in Sega Saturn and classic gaming overall has lead me here. I found this place googling Shining Force III and found some other gems here as well!
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