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  1. The trilogy is finally completed!I even downloaded the japanese version back in the day to try to play this. Thanks!
  2. Getting all this good stuff. Thanks!
  3. Sorry if I am out of order making this request, as the Undub made by somebody special started this beutiful trend, but I am pretty sure the undub has still the english battle voices for some if not all characters. After seeing it resolved in Jeanne D´Arc, it made me feel like dreaming. Thanks
  4. Yes! Awesome work! Thank you for still doing undub work for these games!
  5. Thank you so much for this. Finally!
  6. Try

    mega.nz Jeanne d'Arc (Updated Undub)

    It is a shame the battle voices are still the same as the english version. Guess it is not really a full undub after all.
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