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  1. trolltyg

    my top recommended animes personally

    I enjoyed K-on for a bit, Genshiken is another favorite of mine and one that i don't really know if you could count as slice of life that i enjoyed was Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteru.
  2. trolltyg

    my top recommended animes personally

    Yea, i do watch some new anime, it's just that i'm really picky these days with what i like, last show i can remember that i really enjoyed was kono subarashii. About animation quality i think that the peak of anime was the 80s OVAs, real cell animation is hard to beat in my opinion but as you said, compare modern anime to the anime of the early 2000s the it's much much better today, just not a big fan of overusing cg in anime as it sticks out like a sore thumb most of the time but it's getting better and some fully 3d animated show look really good especially the short "Cassette Girl" an
  3. trolltyg

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Trying to learn Japanese on my vacation
  4. trolltyg

    my top recommended animes personally

    Damn i'm too old for this list. I did enjoy space dandy, great animation and an interesting concept with great characters. Naruto i did read the manga when it first was released in japan, was in highschool then and enjoyed it but never got into the anime. Heard lots of good thins about tokyo ghoul but could only get 3 episodes in before loosing interest, i guess i can't really handle those kind of shows anymore (naruto, hunterxhunter and the like), the other ones i have not seen at all.
  5. Damn, i have a hard time these days to watch such long-going shows, i have managed galaxy express 113 episodes and 5 seasons of ranma 1/2 at the most
  6. trying to get somewhere in wild arms 3 but my jungle castle in conan exiles wont build itself
  7. trolltyg

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    just finished breakfast, two boiled eggs and miso soup
  8. witch and the hundred knight 2 must have been my latest gaming purchase, found it while thrifting last week and have not played it yet.
  9. trolltyg

    game A Never Ever Ending Story

    like an empty
  10. Been catching up on anime i have downloaded but not watched so for the moment i am watching Izzetta the last witch. Five episodes in and it seems like a good anime, wont end up on any of my top lists but its well animated, has some interesting characters and i like the ww2 setting.
  11. trolltyg

    Recommend me Anime :)

    There is so much to recommend in anime and i am mostly an old school anime watcher but i watch new stuff from time to time, these are some of my recommendations. Lupin the 3rd, anything with lupin the 3rd really. If you're more into new stuff then watch the 4th season, jigens gravestone or the mine fujiko no ona series, the movie castle of cagliostro is a classic must watch. Dagger of Kamui. Old ninja anime movie with awsome animation and a kick-ass soundtrack. Re: Cutie Honey, a shorter take on the cutie honey series with awesome animation by gainax, if you like it then take a
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