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  1. CL-AudioGraphic

    Pier Solar Dreamcast _GDI(SD AND IDE Dreamshell)

    Thank you very much psobb200😃👍
  2. CL-AudioGraphic

    Karous (JAP) (English Patched v1.0)

    Thank you very much Spec2K😃👍
  3. CL-AudioGraphic

    mega.nz Ikaruga (Japan) (Redump)

    Thanks a lot!
  4. CL-AudioGraphic

    mega.nz Soul Calibur - (USA, EUR) (CDI)

    Thank you very much! :)
  5. CL-AudioGraphic

    dropbox 【Radiant Silvergun】【NTSC-JP-TNW】

    Great game, thanks a lot!
  6. CL-AudioGraphic

    mega.nz 【Dead or Alive】【NTSC-JP-TNW】

    Please Re-up the game again, link broken.
  7. Great! thanks a lot for this hack.
  8. CL-AudioGraphic

    Looking for Mega Man X6 (USA) (1.1)

    Thanks a lot Lord Valarion and Myetche for the request!
  9. CL-AudioGraphic

    mega.nz 【Dragon Force】【NTSC-US-TNW】

    Love it! Thank you!
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