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  1. Anyone saw that one out in the wild? https://www.romhacking.net/translations/5762/
  2. B33bl3

    Castlevania 1 PAL Music Fix

    Can be closed - I fixed it while turning of savestates on the Everdrive
  3. B33bl3

    Castlevania 1 PAL Music Fix

    More info: https://gbatemp.net/entry/nes-patching-castlevania-pal-music.15305/
  4. B33bl3

    Castlevania 1 PAL Music Fix

    Castlevania sounds bit slow on a PAL NES, I found this patch, but after installing it I can´t play it on a real NES, can anyone provide assistance? https://github.com/FIX94/nes-various-patches/blob/master/Castlevania (PAL Music Speed Hack)/Castlevania (E) (Music Speed Hack).ips
  5. B33bl3


    Hi 😃 No clue if the Darius on the Mini is based on the Fan Creation, but it looks hot on YT, clearly better then the PC-Engine CD-ROM. My Question was maybe a bit early, the Mini is currently being hacked, afaik they already made great progress, but no public release yet. Access to the roms has been already gained according to Websites, but I can´t find the Darius ROM, would be magic to have that on my real MegaDrive. Cheers, B33bl3
  6. B33bl3


    Greetings ! Anyone heard of a Darius ROM yet, pulled from a Mega Drive Mini?
  7. There is Keyo Flying Squadron 2 - Which is this as a western release.
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