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  1. Benjamin Lasure

    mega.nz Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru [NTSC-J]

    Thanks dude.
  2. Benjamin Lasure

    mega.nz Fade to Black (CDI)

  3. Benjamin Lasure

    mega.nz Shenmue II (CDI) - Full English Patch (NTSC)

    Thanks man.
  4. Benjamin Lasure

    Karous (JAP) (English Patched v1.0)

    Another Dreamcast game thanks man.
  5. Nice!... I'm gonna check this game out.
  6. Benjamin Lasure

    Napple Tale English Translation| SEGA Dreamcast

    Thanks man.
  7. Benjamin Lasure

    mega.nz Resident Evil 2 - (USA) (CDI)

    Awesome man.
  8. Benjamin Lasure

    yandex Brave Prove (English Patched)

    @Gamerone Thanks man.
  9. Benjamin Lasure

    yandex FX Unit Yuki - The Henshin Engine

    OMG Dude i've been looking for this version thank you.
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