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    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Wait so what is that a japanese version of Maken X with english subtitles hacked in? Just asking because I know that Western versions of Maken X were heavily censored and I never liked that, it would be cool if what you are offering here is a japanese version with english subtitles, is that what this is? EDIT: Nevermind, tried it with Flycast emulator and it appears to just be the US version swapped with japanese audio, plus there's another problem is that the file format is ".chd", to try it on original hardware I would have to burn it on a CD-R but no burning software accept .chd file f
  2. That's true, Saturn seem to be more leniant than PS1 for some reason, however cd-r quality and drive writing quality at low speed still matter.
  3. Yeah that's your problem, modern drives are unable to burn at speeds lower than 16x and are no good for PS1/Saturn games burning, you need to get an older high quality drive from 2000-2003 and burn at the slowest speed possible, and also get old high quality low speed CD-R, writer quality and CD-R quality is very important and basically what's available nowadays both in terms of writer and CD-R is awful. Burning PS1/Saturn games on modern drives with modern CD-R is going to give you what you got so far, disappearing audio, skipping audio, freezes etc.
  4. Someone finally did, here:
  5. Lycian14

    FX Unit Yuki: The Henshin Engine(CDI)

    Yes I'd like that one as well.
  6. It's to burn and play on Dreamcast hardware from a disc.
  7. I would also like very much to get the final version, but it's from 2009 and has been lost especially since it was uploaded on megaupload which closed in 2011 or 2012.
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