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  1. ElTacoDestroyer

    The Binding of Issac [Mega Mod Thread]

  2. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega.nz Demo Disk for PSP vol.1 [UCJB-98304]

    Your post gets a spanglish translation, ands i get a repost of my .sha1 file. 🤣 Idk if it's a lack of intelligence or just plain laziness. Like, if people didn't use their phones for this my signature spells it out literally. 😂
  3. ElTacoDestroyer

    yandex South Park - When Technology Attacks! (2005)

    Downloaded and extracted fine.
  4. ElTacoDestroyer

    yandex Enter The Dragon (1973)

    Maybe a bad rip? Ill check it out later. No promises.
  5. ElTacoDestroyer

    yandex Silhouette Mirage (J) PSN

  6. ElTacoDestroyer

    yandex Moon (English) PSX2PSP

  7. https://ps4.cloud/dl/7e-28
  8. ElTacoDestroyer

    yandex Dead or Alive (J) PSN

  9. https://ps4.cloud/dl/m1oei
  10. https://ps4.cloud/dl/b8sgg
  11. https://ps4.cloud/dl/lhkqy
  12. Front Cover: Back Cover:
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