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  1. ElTacoDestroyer

    Hello - New here

    Totes McGoats! 😎
  2. Greatness realizes Greatness.
  3. ElTacoDestroyer

    mediafire Ape Escape [PAL + Anti-Piracy Fix]

    Just curious as to what the Anti-Piracy triggered?
  4. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega Boilsoft Video Joiner

    Installation Instructions: 1. Run included installer 2. Once finished click 'Launch' 3. Click 'Activate' and enter given Name and Serials. 4. *Enjoy*
  5. I wish I still had my ps2 from high school... I think I remember selling it to buy weed.
  6. ElTacoDestroyer

    Darius Gaiden PS1 Eboot with Cover Art

    1st are you sure its playable on the psp? send me the game in iso format an ill do it for you.
  7. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega.nz FX-Unit Yuki - The Henshin Engine (English) (BIN/CUE Format)

    Meh. 700MB
  8. ElTacoDestroyer

    Hi from germany

    Hiya! I ♡ my switch too.
  9. ElTacoDestroyer

    news PSA: Brickers Abound (External Links)

    Mostly. But I'd be cautious on all Nintendo platforms. Because you don't know, till you know.
  10. https://gbatemp.net/threads/psa-brickers-abound.547270/
  11. ElTacoDestroyer

    memes of the dank variety Hit me with those dank memes.

    I'll just leave these here.....
  12. im a little confused as to what exactly you are asking... did you try to convert a .7z file to a ISO?
  13. ElTacoDestroyer

    Broken Link/Non-Working Games PSP/PSX Eboots

    Silent Hill NTSC-JP appears to be down link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Listed under Official... Namco Museum Volume 1 Namco Museum Volume 2 Namco Museum Volume 3 Namco Museum Volume 4 Namco Museum Volume 5 appear to have the exact same link as Persona 2 - Eternal Punishment file. Persona 2 Seems to be labeled correctly and is functional. id classify a incorrect link as a broken/down files. Vandal HeartsVandal Hearts II same links Vandal Hearts ID: SLUS00447 update: Done. That's all I can find.
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