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  1. ElTacoDestroyer

    sync.com Gauntlet Legends (USA)【TNW】

  2. ElTacoDestroyer

    yandex Jun Natsukawa - Flying [FSCU-6008] (2005)

    My bad dood! i was intoxicated the last batch of uploads i did. this isn't the only one affected. to be frank i probably wont upload corrections till later in the month. i reinstalled my OS - and as you could imagine a ton of software. when i reinstalled WinRAR i made a label for NGR passwords for faster reference. below is the results of my error i reversed the info for "Password Text" and "Password Label" so the password is NGR
  3. ElTacoDestroyer

    Vita with 3.60, problems with QCMA

    Uninstall QCMA - Reinstall latest QCMA Check the cable you are using take some screenshots of error messages if applicable. It's been awhile since I use QCMA I also remember having issues with it. Any additional information would be helpful.
  4. ElTacoDestroyer

    psx2psp PLZ 3 Game Request's, PSX2PSP Not Anywhere.

    #1 - 2 has been uploaded let me know if its a dead link ill reup. Alundra Gauntlet Legends Alundra 2 (is on MegaPost) IDK if it runs i share the link if need be Gran Tarismo, at least for me i couldn't get to work without/with pops loader. there is a GT game already on psp
  5. ElTacoDestroyer

    sync.com Alundra (USA)【TNW】

    Link is active ill make it pretty later.
  6. Links active ill make the post pretty later ;-]
  7. ElTacoDestroyer


    Dood! I really wanna get a dreamcast.
  8. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega.nz PowerSlave【NTSC-US】

    Putt'n work son! 😜
  9. ElTacoDestroyer

    How to Send Files to PS Vita Using Android

    FileZilla is on android?!?
  10. @swosho What do you use to modify psp iso's?
  11. ElTacoDestroyer

    game Counting down from 10,000!

    I'm not gunna lie. I kinda want an rc tank now....
  12. ElTacoDestroyer

    Bullet Witch Japanese version

    Alvro has it.
  13. ElTacoDestroyer

    game Counting down from 10,000!

    This is an insane price tag to shoot 12k...
  14. PSP DLC Collection Info: Folder is over 9GB i will Not be making individual links for this post because it would be rather tedious. Click on the 'Download' image link at the bottom to access the folder and DL what you want. List: [Hidden Content] Instructions With Images:
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