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  1. trigunl

    ps vita bricked?

    huhhh hoew i wish it would be the same issue really im out off thought
  2. trigunl

    ps vita bricked?

    tried it changing with a new battery and charge it overnight still no booting up even the safe mode wont work only the one time orange blink after the screen would like flick a little then off a seconds then one time blue light blink then nothing comes .. im pretty puzzled what really happens.
  3. trigunl

    ps vita bricked?

    thanks for the reply yah just did it but still did not do anything i let it charge overnight the orange light went for a sec then off tried to open and disconnect the battery from the inside then connect still did not do anything tried the safe mode combo it wont let me hope some one can help me to fix my ps vita thanks
  4. trigunl

    ps vita bricked?

    hi to all can anyone had have this experience like my PS vita. it went in sleep mode / standby mode for 2 days and after i tried to play and open it but it did not open tried to safe mode it did not goes in safe mode tried to charge it but it wont charge it just show orange light then it went off then after a sec blue light then turns off again it just happen i did not even touch it for two days -UPDATE GOT IT FIX NOW AND WORKING
  5. trigunl

    Revenant Dogma(PCSE01322)(Nonpdrm)

    how to install this thanks
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