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  1. igito

    nonpdrm Dragon Quest Builders PCSE00912

    i am using gohanmem.. and i can cheat "day"
  2. after install Custom theme phalaris but dont change that icon..
  3. igito

    Cheat Plugin On PSVITA

    i dont know ... i never play its game
  4. igito

    Cheat Plugin On PSVITA

    you can scan with type byte auto... sometime plugin cant found anything for some game
  5. igito

    Cheat Plugin On PSVITA

    like cheat engine in pc... you can change byte from 1 - 4 if you can't found value... after that you can save database your code..
  6. so much ps vita game is region japan only. so i want to know how to create patch english for that game. sorry my english is bad
  7. I have to install VitaRW, but this can brick your device you delete the wrong thing, so i want to install remove the featured VitaRW How do you uninstall VitaRW?
  8. Please help me for install psp emulator...
  9. igito

    Cheat Plugin On PSVITA

    change PLUGINS to plugins
  10. igito

    Cheat Plugin On PSVITA

    open and edit file game.txt to add ux0:plugins/GoHANmem.suprx 1
  11. igito

    Cheat Plugin On PSVITA

    Add a line "ux0:plugins/GoHANmem.suprx 1"(without the quotes) to ux0:/plugins/game.txt or direct copy file game.txt to ux0:/plugins/game.txt.
  12. igito

    Cheat Plugin On PSVITA

    this is link... https://github.com/OneRice07/GoHANmem/releases [installation] 1 download GoHANmem_v2.0.zip 2 Unzip, copy the two files to the Psvita memory card ux0:\plugins\ 3 In the game, Press D-Right +SELECT or L+START to active 4 Press SELECT or START to return to the game. PS: Set English language : [语言]-[English]
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