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  1. sonic02

    Ghost Blade (CDI)

    anyone else having problems with trying to run the game i can't get it to work on my gdemu(not clone board) the game intro starts but i can't even get to the title selection screen before it just crashes & resets itself then starts to run the dreamcast startup intro kicking me back to the gdemu menu everytime
  2. sonic02

    Finding Teddy

    if anyone has a copy of the pixelheart dreamcast Finding Teddy in cdi format can u please upload it & provide a dl link for the game i would really appreciate it thanks
  3. if anyone got the 2 disc game of Street Fighter Collection specifically in bin/cue format can u please upload it for dl i would really appreciate it
  4. hey guys fellow member here i was curious about & really want to play FX Unit Yuki: The Henshin Engine for the Dreamcast could anyone upload a CDI of the game if you can? thanks
  5. thanks for the dl link can't wait to jump back on this again
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