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  1. Error 429 Slow download ??? any idea ??? Thanks but what about macross delta scramble people said it needs fw 3.61 and it was release on 10/20/2016(jp) little earlier than world of final fantasy which is 10/25/2016(us) and 10/27/2016 (jp). Both of this game release before november it's weird why macross delta scramble require fw 3.61 ?
  2. Hello, can someone recommend a good game of ps vita from any region(JP,US,EU,ASIA) that firmware 3.60 support: Genres-Action(Adventure,RPG),Adventure, Fighting(3d/2d),Platformer(Side-Scrolling,3d/2d),Rhythm,Shooting,Racing.
  3. luffy04

    Why NoNpDrm DLC don't work

    I'm already solve this problem,Thanks to the @Djdragon44, @ElVitaLibre and @Frezzno the problem has been sort out.
  4. luffy04

    Why NoNpDrm DLC don't work

    Hello, I'm asking cuz i'm when i'm install this NoNpDrm DLC is not working.This problem has occur twice already for me. I'm using vita shell 1.76 and refresh as the tutorial said but DLC don't work at all. About 2 days ago I'm download nps browser and install DLC from NPS browser and dlc works just fine . Does NoNpDrm has issue with DLC ?
  5. luffy04

    hello guys

    hello you guys, nice to meet you all
  6. luffy04


    Hello, im new here. nice to meet you guys
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