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  1. I would highly advise to download the Mai version for now as it is the one i use solely for playing this and it worked fine. Im gonna redownload the NoNpDRM and try it myself to see if i can make it work again via PKGJ. I will update the post once i got it working.
  2. There is no indication that you have successfully patched the game. Try and do the installation process made by Nino_Z, i already put it in the top post just to be sure. Credits to Nino_Z himself for finding out how to install NoNpDRM the easy way.
  3. I'm sorry, I am not that adept putting files on MEGA. Don't worry, GDrive is reliable and direct download is easy. I'm not sure of the voices because I believe that's on the 2nd game. But during Punishment Time, I think there are some voices if I remember correctly. This is just the patch itself. You will have to download the game yourself. You can either get the Maidump version or the NoNpDRM version. It's up to you, both versions will work with the patch / mod. But if you need some links then just tell me or PM me.
  4. Since no one seems to be putting this here, Ima share it. This is Criminal Girls Invite Only mod where everything has been set to how it's supposed to be, with additional interesting stuff. What's been changed / added to this mod: - the word MOTIVATE has been changed back to PUNISH in the Infirmary - punishment method names has been changed to Spanking, Electric Flick, Gooey Lesson, Tingling Course, Healing Touch respectively. Before they were Maintenance, Edgeplay, Slippery Slope, Tickle Party, and Aftercare. You will still see these names but in a form of Miu's skill s
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