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  1. D-Pad Doc

    A Wild D-Pad Doc joins your forum.

    I just wanted to say thanks to the three of you who wished me a warm welcome at NGR. Also Lord V., no problem.
  2. D-Pad Doc

    How did you find VP or NGR?

    I was actually referring to Vimm. It's likely that Lord Valarion submitted a link to here via Vimm's FFA Links section.
  3. D-Pad Doc

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Lurking around Twitch (and similar sites) in search of Wonder Trade streams not run by giveaway bots and/or people doing Wonderlockes and seeing if I can lend them a hand.
  4. D-Pad Doc

    discussion What Movie(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    Last movie I remember watching in theaters would be Hotel Transylvania 3. I never watched the previous two HTs, but do plan on doing so this Halloween season.
  5. D-Pad Doc

    How did you find VP or NGR?

    I came across you guys via a link found in a Free For All Links section from a certain Lair owned by a guy who name starts with V. Never heard of this place before then.
  6. I've made an account here months ago, but never got around to posting an intro topic after all this time so here I am. The name's D-Pad Doc, and I'm a vintage games junkie/collector as well as a mysterious entity who sends out BR shinies on the Wonder Trade system in the 3DS Pokemon games. Outside of vintage games and Wonder Trading, I'm also an animation junkie (both anime and western animation), but haven't had the time to watch any in the past few months. Asides that, feel free to welcome to your cult. Hopefully I'll see you guys/gals around as well.
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