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  1. ok so I got h encore installed successfully Vitashell works Molicule shell works I have removed all "tai" folders besides the one on ur0 I removed the gamesd.skprx and installed and configured storage mgr correctly as far as I can tell (I get a log file that looks like it's doing it's thing) I have tried a brand new SD card imaged it and formatted it and still no matter what I try if I remove teh sony mem card and put in the SD card I get nothing but stuck bubbles. I HAVE to be missing something silly here
  2. 1000 w/ an sd2vita everything worked great before on 3.60 w/Henkaku and Enso Followed the video instructions to upgrade to Enso 3.65 and that seemed to go great. System properties shows Henkaku 3.65 After install I rebooted and used switch_sd2vita and edited the config.txt file to put nonpdrm back in and rebooted (gamesd.skprx and nonpdrm.skprx both dropped into ur0:tai) after reboot I lost icons (including molecule shell) for anything on PS Memory card and still no sd2vita. rebooted again and went to safe mod
  3. MuGGzy

    Help identifying dump "type"?

    Perfect TY for taking the time to respond.
  4. Made the mistake of unzipping multiple dumps to one folder. So is there a easy way to tell if something is a MAI or Nonpdrm? Like I have a bunch of folders like.. PCSE00123 PCSE00456 PCSE00789 Is there like a file or folder that would be inside that would identify one or the other? Or should I just try all via Mai and any that don't work must be Non?
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