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  1. I think I've figured this out, and I am not 100% certain if this is a design feature of the new Vitashell 1.81 or not, but I have done this with three Sony Memory Cards, and two Micro SD cards, and am able to swap them seamlessly, to play all the games I have. This is useful if you have multiple memory cards, multiple SD cards, or both. However, as far as I understand, you do at least need SD2Vita, and a micro SD card for this to work. You also need Henkaku Enso installed, and Vitashell 1.81. The key factor for this to work is that all of your Vita memory cards need to have all of the same fi
  2. Emankcin

    Can Henkaku play games released after 3.60?

    So far, unless someone can find a way around it, I don't think so... Shame, too... Because I really wanted Darkest Dungeon. Also, purchased gamecards won't work either. I bought Drive Girls, which is post 3.61, and when I try to run it, it crashes and tells me to update my firmware! Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen... You DO NOT want to do this!
  3. I rely on trusted sources. Until I found this place, I had games from a megadump from a trusted private torrent site I'm a member of. Since I had already installed a lot of those games with little or no problems (other than some not working), I got some others from the same torrents. I found one site that had a game I was interested in, but every time I clicked the link, it kept redirecting me. So, I bailed on that place. But this place is a lot more friendly, with proper links, and tutorials and stuff. I think I'm gonna just stick to this place from now on.
  4. How do we know these malicious attacks aren't coming from Sony?
  5. Emankcin

    What Would Have Been Your Dream PS Vita Port?

    My dream port has already come true! Quake II! So, now, my new dream port is Quake 3 Arena! And I asked the maker of the Quake 2 port about the possibility of a Q3A port, and he said that he wasn't working on one, but that someone was. So, maybe soon!
  6. Might this also work to make a purchased gamecard run? I bought Drive Girls from Gamestop a couple months ago, and when I tried to run it, I got an error, followed by a message to update my firmware! Since that's not happening, I haven't been able to play the game yet! I've been entertaining the idea of buying a second vita to keep at factory settings, but then I found this thread, and thought I might ask. Because, in addition to not being able to play this game, I've also been unable to access my PSN account and download my already purchased content without being told to update my firmware.
  7. I used to be able to do this with no issues whatsoever, and even today, it was working fine, but then I just had something very strange happen. I'm not sure if this is part of the design of the new Vitashell, or if this is something else. Originally, my vitashell on both the memory card and the SD2Vita was version 0.95. I upgraded to version 1.81 on the memory card first, then switched to the SD by adding the line ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx below the kernel. Went to SD no problem. I then shut down, inserted a different, but reformatted memory card in there, because I was planning on putting more gam
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