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  1. Yeah, just sucks how they have VIP Codes and now Paid Content Codes
  2. Addresses are Dynamic. However, Speedfly found the $B200 Codes, which can be used regardless of Region. Here is the Free Money Code
  3. Game in Question: Everybody's Arcade . Game has 5 Demo Games inside it. I have 2 Vitas1: Normal 1st Gen Vita2: 3G Vita with a 256GB PSVSDNote that I do have NoPSMDRM, and RePatch in place. I also have the DSN Modification in place to avoid Updates. System is Activated, but PSM can not be activated due to the DSN Mod.I Downloaded Everybody's Arcade Years ago, and I also Paid for the Klondike Solitaire Part of it. I made sure to Back it up using QCMA. Now on my 3G Vita, I put the Game on it, and for some reason, it wants to connect to PSN. When it cant, it says it could not use the DSN, an
  4. Yeah.......Codes on Speedfly work much better _V0 9999 Stars $B200 00000000 00000000 $A200 00B8B740 E302170F Rest are VIP Codes
  5. Interesting Development. The Users Roah and eightdayregret over at GBATemp get the credit for the help and brainstorming on this: Users who have worked with TempAR Pointer Searcher Program for the DS/3DS, PSP.........might want to add the Vita to it. There is no guaranty you will get this will a lot of Games, but there are a few that this works with. With TempAR Pointer Searcher follow this: Create 2 Memory Dumps with the Addresses you wish to find. Load up the Dumps and Addresses in TempAR Change the Mode to "Other" Base Address must be set to 81000000 Check
  6. From what I have been told, this Game is a pain for finding Codes. But here is what I have found so far Codes marked as NWC = Not Working Correctly. Means it will work when it wants to. EU Codes have the 1.02 Update Codes marked
  7. When running the Game, the Health Code seems to stay the same Address. But others are Dynamic going to the next Level. However, they do seem to be pretty easy to find. You find a Ammo Code, the rest are around that Address. The Health Code is a 82xxxxxx Address, and the Ammo and Money are 87xxxxxx Address line. Ammo Codes will end with a 8 in the Address and a C in it. Also, the Health Code Value is 43160000 (150) Floating Value
  8. Be aware: This Version will NOT work on the h-encore 3.67-3.68 Exploit. Wait for the Update if you have already Updated. Edit: OK.......apparently it does work. A cpl of Users have reported that they got this to work. So until someone can show proof.........
  9. It only shows 8Bit, 16Bit, and 32Bit I think 8Bit is xxxxx### 16Bit is xx###### 32Bit obviously is all in the Value So whatever the PC Type Search is, there you go.
  10. Dont know how I have it, the US Version has Cheats.......but they dont work.
  11. There are Codes for PCSD00071 Killzone. As for Resident Evil, I tried making Codes, but found there were already Codes in Place........but they dont work.
  12. Any Update on this? Based on the HK (PCSH00187) Version's Codes, I think it might be a little easy to find the Codes for the other Addresses. I want to get this Version, but the NPS Site shows only the zRIF, but not the Site Address.
  13. I have 95.4GB left of 238GB, but VitaShell and Adrenaline (had to Delete a Game from Adrenaline): 237.61GB / 238.29GB or 0.68MB (693MB under Adrenaline). Anyone know why I am getting this? I can look through the Card no problem, and even move Files from the Card to the Vita.
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