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  1. bluesky


    What the better tool to read pdfs on vita? i
  2. bluesky

    Big problem with ps vita

    you're simply awesome: now everything works fine vitashell, the game...
  3. bluesky

    Big problem with ps vita

    You're right it was Kaspersky...now i tried to install vitaShell 1.70 but now i've this error 0*80101114. Can you help me?
  4. bluesky

    Big problem with ps vita

    this is my screenshot about Filezilla. http://www81.zippyshare.com/v/pvbBlj2m/file.html i tried everything
  5. bluesky

    Big problem with ps vita

    when i trasfer files into my pc from Vita everything works great. Viceversa now i've got in Filezilla these messages: 500 file not found critical error, for every single file in my pc
  6. bluesky

    Big problem with ps vita

    The problem is now the ftp server doesn't work (i can't export files in my psp vita) and i haven't usb support in my vitashell version
  7. bluesky

    Big problem with ps vita

    I've downloaded a game in ux:0. I've tried to referesh the Livearea but it's unpossible: my vitashell is 1.43 version. i've tried to download the last version but now the ftp server works partially. I can trasfer files from my pc but not viceversa. The usb support is only for 1.50 version. Must i reinstall Henkaku? Please help me?
  8. bluesky


  9. bluesky


    i found this site yesterday.I don't understand
  10. bluesky


    Hi i'm bluesky: a new member
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