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  1. Could you please upload a version of the game in .bin and .cue? The current folders you have put up have files that do not work in OpenEmu, which requires .bin and .cue and an m3u file for multi disc games to work.
  2. thanks alot for the proper undub :
  3. Would it possible if someone could please upload the .cue and .bin versions so it can be played on OpenEmu?
  4. Hi, can someone plz upload the Undub for Valkyrie Profile for PS1?
  5. Look it up. Most of the cutscenes and story content were removed for the Western release
  6. https://blacklabel-translations.com/undubs This group has just release VP1 PS1 undub, and it'd be nice to see it uploaded in .bin and .cue format... oh and please upload it in the 2 disc format.
  7. http://useatoday.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/eapn-top-news-7-30.html Looks like they are updating it, so may be best to wait for a bit.
  8. Would love to play the original version of Ace Combat 3 with the latest copy of the translation patch if possible.
  9. Id like to play Thousand Arms in an undub version but I can't find a version thats in .cue and .bin.
  10. HMG

    Grandia Undub

    I'd like to play Grandia in undub format, but I cant find a version in .cue and .bin files to play in OpenEmu, so could someone upload it please?
  11. Not a problem. EDIT: Can't seem to get into the Mega page. Must be a server issue.
  12. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1994/ Apparently, the translator is a guy called John Osborne. Thanks for the upload!
  13. I would like to see Final Fantasy VII Retranslated, Kings Field III Pilot Style and Tales of Phantasia (Phantasian Productions version) uploaded and in .cue and.bin formats for easy play on emulators. Also would like to see a prepatched upload of FFIX with the ATB Gauge SpeedUp, which would be awesome for a replay, and of course the Strider 1 and 2 restorations.
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