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  1. So far, this has been a wonderful site to look for stuff from Japan that can't be found elsewhere, so I thought there should be no harm trying to ask for it here. Hopefully someone has a copy. 😋 The only version easily obtainable is Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, but it seems that the full Xbox 360 version of Dynasty Warriors 5, which was only ever released in Japan, is almost impossible to find online. Can't seem to find a copy of it. It's called Dynasty Warriors 5 Special, but in Japan it's known as Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special (真・三國無双4 Special). For the uninitiated, the discrepancy between numbers is correct. Japan is -1 for every Dynasty Warriors entry, so Shin Sangoku Musou 5 is actually Dynasty Warriors 6 Thanks in advance.
  2. HCSKG

    Bullet Witch Japanese version

    Alvro's version is still in English. Sure, it says NTSC-U/J, but it still has the English dubs. I'm looking for the Japanese version, with the Japanese dubs. Neat. Hoping it isn't the English dub.
  3. The US version of Bullet Witch is reasonably easy to find, but the Japanese version of the game is nowhere to be found. Would be neat to see that version of the game preserved. Thought there'd be no harm asking for it here, considering that Japanese and PAL versions of Halo were shared here before.
  4. Thanks for uploading this copy, @Yukiko! Being an anime fan as well, I love hearing Cortana go "Chiefu!" (It's priceless!) Aside from the Japanese game itself, though, I'm also looking for the Halo CE Japanese manual. Could you please scan the manual? From research, it's 100% different from the other versions of Halo CE, and I want to see it. 😃 I'd be very grateful if you could, because I can't find the Japanese Halo CE manual ANYWHERE. I'm happy to have found this Japanese CE copy from you, and for Halo 2 as well. It's so hard to find this stuff. Also, an additional question: Do you have any demos of Halo CE from Japan? I'm really looking for everything Halo related and would appreciate to know what you have. 😅 This is rare stuff, you know, so I'm hoping to find some stuff I never saw before from Halo in your collection.
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