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  1. Can't play the game though... It's freaking HARD!!! Can't even managed to pass through the very first battle...
  2. Can I request Hardcore Mecha (PC), Resident Evil Revelation 2 Deluxe or Complete season (PC), or Code Cross (PC) please?
  3. It's a good news... it could be just a PR strategy... but it looks like the studio hears fans about the Sonic design and how they worry if the studio is going to change Sonic design without any change to deadline date... Both which the studio heard and comply...
  4. May I request following games? - Zero Katana - Cross Code - Iconoclast - Mark of Ninja - Slay the Spire I hope this is not too much... Thank you.
  5. CSK

    SWAT series (SWAT 1 - 4)

    Thank you very much!
  6. There is a huge influx of new PC games (on MEGA to boot), I want to say thank you very much for all who uploaded them. Can I request SWAT series please? All of them are available on Steam and GOG and they are good games so you should at least try them (especially if you want to feel how it's like to be a SWAT (I mean who doesn't?) SWAT series is Police Quest SWAT 1+2, SWAT 3 GOTY, SWAT 4 Gold. SWAT 1 and 2 is police-quest or king-quest like games while SWAT 3 and 4 is FPS with twist. Oh, and SWAT 4 is basically an improved version of SWAT 3, FPS really doesn't have much in story
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