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  1. hentaikun

    NPS and PSoneClassics

    This ones works, i made a Digimon World Eur eboot since its the best version of this game, Saddly no success yet for NPS on psx.
  2. hentaikun

    NPS and PSoneClassics

    Thank yo. I'v tried using the key but i get the 80029148 error. It might be that it generate a single keys.bin for each game. I've tried messing around with PKG decryptor but no luck yet.
  3. hentaikun

    NPS and PSoneClassics

    I can't say the error code now, cause i just deleted the game and downloaded a custom made Vagrant Story eboot. But ye i do have nodrm running, all good on vita side, problem is on PSP adrealine running the NPS psxgames. My solution for now is just grabbing eboots from the internerd instead of getting the PKGs.
  4. hentaikun

    NPS and PSoneClassics

    I've downloaded Vagrant Story and it gives me an error, doing some research i discovered that it is related to some keys.bin but i'm unable do find such file or even generate one and the PKG tools that i have does not generate one from the PKG downloaded from NPS. Is there a work around? I tried on my PSP 3000. Guess i'm going to search for manually for the eboots now.
  5. hentaikun

    ReNpDrm comming soon!

    I'm really pumped up but any ban risks scare me a lot, as my acc is linked to my ps4.
  6. Hoy, I've been a fan of using youtube on consoles since you can sync with your smartphone and have a nice "YoutubeTv" experience, but i found youtube on wii u to be more of a problem than a help, it keeps freezing all the time, sometimes it freezes or just stops playback and says its a network error wut? I never had anything similar on WII or PS4, is there an specific network config to make it less problematic? I know i could try the web-browser but it kinda defeats the purpose of having an youtube app.
  7. hentaikun

    Do sony bans henkaku users?

    All i found was this: https://gist.github.com/yifanlu/c4cc12d3f1ccaebbf1846b84a69a4bfb It seems that Sony has blocked the spoof, i have a vita activated but is probably not the one that i'm using since i changed the Motherboard to install henkaku, my original board is 3.63.
  8. hentaikun

    Do sony bans henkaku users?

    I just logged my ACC and got error activating the VITA, i found that we are in someway blocked from some PSN access, any info on that matter?
  9. hentaikun

    mega.nz Hyperdimension Neptunia U - Action Unleashed Nude Mod

    Yes it does, but you should read my topic asking for help on that matter:
  10. hentaikun

    Do sony bans henkaku users?

    Guess i will try. I wanted the cross save feature from godeater, since no one got shot yet, why not huh?
  11. Hoy, i'm really puzzled, i have a main USA PSN account that was linked to my ps4 and my vita before i swapped the motherboard and installed henkaku. I did some research but i was unable to find conclusive data on the subject. All i found was we all have that chance since we modified the console, but i wanted to hear from yo people, if anyone had an experience like that. Also, do sony bans your whole account or it bans the console? Like in the xbox 360 case it was only the console online ID that got banned, i think the PS3 had the same treatment. Because i got a secondary account with no games and i could use that, also the ps3 had some neat ways to be safe online, got a few borderlands hacked saves that way.
  12. hentaikun

    Sony's next Portable

    Yes i can find reasoning on your response. The vgchartz have a lot of data maybe i found the wrong games at the wrong time huh. I did trade my psp for a DS because i found better use for pokemon games, a few RPGs and the rockman ZX series, but in the end i bought a new psp because Gundam Vs Gundam had so much quality work in it. This makes me wonder even more how could the vita fail with that much potential in their hands? I know some people talked about a few AAA titles having framerate issues but i never noticed this on most of mine games at least.
  13. hentaikun

    Sony's next Portable

    I don't see Sony making a new portable console in a at least a decade, here are my reasons: 1Nintendo's 3Ds just smashed the vita sales, probably sony regrets the vita launch. 2I saw a news a long time ago that making games for the vita is kinda expensive, hence most of vita games are not what they could be, this could only scale more in a new console since Sony looks uninterested in making efforts to sell things, eve if this is a more dev related issue it only gets worse. 3The psp had a nice fight with the DS but again the DS smashed the PSP because it had better games, there is no point in making a powerhouse and not using it's power, vita suffers from the same issue, no point in paying for a more powerful console and having graphics like the low end console, look at star ocean on psp! You could get just the same result on a DS! 4Maybe they have learned the lesson with their stupid vitaOnlysdcards, if they again launch a new console and do the same they are risking things here. 5Porting games to the table console is only a faster way to bury your console, sony made this stupid mistake in the same way microgarbage made the xbox content on the pc which kills the idea of buying and xbox. Toukiden, digimon i can name a few games that are not PS4 games but just vita ports, which sux, who buys a ps4 to play vita on the tv?! God i hate bandai. Don't get me wrong i would love a nice competition against the 3DS and so on but no one wants to enter in the fight, the only reason the PSP did not ended like the dreamcast was because it got hacked pretty soon and it became a very handy gaming device after that, even the vita is now somewhat popular because it got hacked.
  14. hentaikun

    Neptunia And Monster Monpiece Black Screen

    @Djdragon44WoW that did the magic! Thank you so much for the help, i'm really grateful.
  15. hentaikun

    Neptunia And Monster Monpiece Black Screen

    @Djdragon44 Thank you sir. I can't find for sure the Monster Monpiece and the Neptunia resources, prolly found'em googling, but i tested some from the NSPbrowser EU and USA versions, no clue. Also no rincheat or vitacheat. The Neptunia patch i got here on the forum the monpiece one came with the package.
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