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  1. ineptandvoid

    I've been hoping for a new home.

    Thanks for the warm welcome
  2. ineptandvoid

    What 3DS game are you sinking your teeth into?

    My age is showing. Terraria reminds me of digger games from way back. I find it easier to pick up and play of minecraft. 3DS is my primary console for gaming. I travel for work so its my time killer throughout the week. I have a heap of Altus titles lined up to play after Bravely default and second.
  3. ineptandvoid

    What 3DS game are you sinking your teeth into?

    Ive really been enjoying Bravely. Dropping the encounter rates a handy feature. Ive been playing it a lot. And im up to the earth crystal. Im also playing Terraria on my 3ds too as a "take a break game" they did a great job making use of the two screens on this version.
  4. ineptandvoid

    Recommend me Anime :)

    Where to start? Theres a point in ones life where the mass consumption of anime has made them all merge into a jiggly mishmash of big eyes goodness. Most of the "must watch" stuff has been said. With that being said I wont rattle off a big list. I'll just leave the soul crushing recommendation of Clannad. I recently watched and its worth mentioning. Along with it I also enjoyed Kiznaiver and Kokoro Connect for thier sharing of pain. Anyone know of anything else soul crushing to add? Just a quick edit: anyone here watching Inuyashiki? I was a fan of the weird and dark themes in Ga
  5. I currently am playing Bravely Default for the first time. Im really impressed with it so far (9hrs in). 3DS is my primary console for gaming right now due to travel for work. Tell me what your playing.
  6. I brought a boxed red 25th annv. wii for the shelf
  7. Hi everyone. I like JRPGS. Currently playing with a modded Wii and 3DS. Will pester you all at some point whilst I'm on here.
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