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    Bullet Girls Phantasia Repatch Censorship Mod

    Try this Link out then... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KAoG9i0tcB-4Cbeh7DPKIdsEMvZsOMjO
  2. MCC = Memory Card = SD2Vita SD Card where you would normally be storing these Files. The reason why you should do it on the Vita has to do with thee fact that the unalterd Files need to be decrypted first. Or so I understand it. Anyway it seems to work just fine with that method.
  3. Could you please take a moment and explain this to someone? when you say "delete all traces of "PCSE01244" from the vita." Is one to read into this that you then removed the Game (i.e. PCSE01244) from ux0:/app/ ....? Then you did a live area update. (Presumably to clear it out of memory). Then you placed the "Mod" back into both "ux0:/app/PCSE01244" and, "ux0:rePatch/PCSE01244" and, done another refresh of the Live area. Ok if it were that easy I wouldn't be posting here. So I guess the question here is does one use "gameid" or the gameid "PCSE01244" ?? Ok Please disregard... I think the problem was somewhere between the Chair, and Keyboard. where I didn't use "PCSE01244" in the rePatch Folder. Having done this, and having played a Free Round (Or whatever its called I can't check the exact name at the time of writing), It was indeed working. I think most of my (and, presumably other's), confusion lied in the Dressing Room. and, I'm unsure how unfinished the Patch may be. But, this Patch does not seem to touch it. At least not on the Full Course (PCSE01244) Version. Maybe the NoNpDrm (PCSE00471)?? But, I cant recall having much success in the Dressing Room there either.
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