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  1. Adhoc

    A Niche Otaku Appears!!!

    Sure thing. Will look around to see if there is anything I'd want to pick up and play.
  2. Adhoc

    A Niche Otaku Appears!!!

    @ Mr. Despair Interesting. Will look into finding a copy to try it out.
  3. Adhoc

    A Niche Otaku Appears!!!

    A few rare niche examples to give you an idea. I personally have not beaten these but I got far enough to satisfy my curiosity.
  4. I like playing niche games. Especially those from Asia(Japan). Even if I don't understand them...my NEET determinations will figure it out once I experiment with a game long enough. PLz share and recommend me anything if you want. Good day~Back to my cave!
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