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  1. nanashi89

    Neon Rift 1.92+

    Does anyone still have this theme? It was taken down.
  2. Anybody have all the DLC for Zen Pinball 2?
  3. So, it appears you can run themes on your Switch menu via CFW. That being said, how a bout a category to share custom themes?
  4. nanashi89

    request Catherine Full Body Demo (nonpdrm)

    Thanks, @Chicken Strips!
  5. Please? Thanks in advance!
  6. Yes, the fan-translation I linked to. I felt it was best to do a quick search before requesting, and all I saw was the official , localized version. Thanks @Hanukkahcam3 !
  7. Not to be confused with the NTSC-U version already posted here. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/3236/ Please? Thanks in advance!
  8. https://www.romhacking.net/translations/3393/ Please? Thanks in advance!
  9. nanashi89

    [Requests] LiveArea themes

    Can someone dump the Blue Reflection theme from the NPS Browser, please? Thanks in advance!
  10. nanashi89

    Fast Striker

    Can someone be sure to dump this when it releases on October 16th, please? Thanks in advance!
  11. Can someone create cheats for Neptunia Re:Birth 3 (US)? Like infinite hp, sp, and credits? Thanks in advance!
  12. Anyone have a compatibility pack for Fernz Gate (3.68)? NPS Browser doesn't seem to have one to download....
  13. nanashi89

    [Requests] LiveArea themes

    Hello... a request for those on 3.65 or 3.60 Enso. I have updated to 3.68, sadly and cannot install themes from NPS Browser. https://mega.nz/#F!F8BRiKKB!d-PaDrclgAjsXviqo3cQqA Enclosed in the preceding link are the themes I want to be installed on your 3.65 or 3.60 Enso Vita. To install, drag and drop the "bgdl" folder on the root of your memory card in VitaShell. Then reboot from the Vitashell Menu. The themes will be installed. Also enclosed is a Theme Installer. Make sure the theme you want dumped is active on your Vita, then connect to the installer via FTP with VitaShell. After making a connection, click "dump current PSVita theme," and save it. Please? Thanks in advance!
  14. I was gonna post requests for DLC, but there appears to be no such section for this.... Any chance of making a request section for games, updates, and DLC?? Thanks in advance!
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