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    guess i never said hi!
  2. hrtbrkd

    How to activate ps vita manual without psn?

    Please review the sticky i posted with all the vita tutorials.
  3. Thank you for all the work and content you put out. The community is that much better with your gift to teach and make these tutorials for people.
  4. The following tutorials have been authorized to be posted here by the content creator. All rights and ownership of the content belong to Skullator. You can subscribe to him at Skullator's Youtube Channel Updating a Vita to Firmware 3.60 - New Easy Method for HENkaku Backing up PS VITA games with VITAMIN - How to dump and run full games How to Install Emulators on PS VITA How to install Custom Themes for PS VITA and VitaShell MaiDumpTool Overview - How to
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