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    yeah it's the most stable and the toolbox makes it perfect, when i got my ps3 it was on ferrox a simplistic cfw but i jumped to rebug a few days later
  2. it's a life saver really
  3. NOTE: this is not my actual tutorial credit goes to @iETH4N from ps3iso, the method is foolproof and i use it whenever i download a game. what you need: 1.ps3 obviously 2.LAN cable 3.a pc FAQ 1.computer setup windows 7/vista windows xp 2.PS3 setup 3.FTP program setup I hope this will be useful for some of you,i find it really handy because there's no need for a hdd to transfer big games to my console,as i myself transfered gta 5 which is 17gb in like 15mn or less.
  4. to update to the latest cfw you'll need: 1.to download the one of your choice, for example for the latest rebug cfw head over to http://rebug.me and grab the most recent one. 2.have a USB stick formated to fat32 3.create a folder inside the USB called "PS3" and inside this one another folder "UPDATE" the folders names must be in caps. 4.when you finish downloading the cfw rename it to "PS3UPDAT.PUP". 5.now in your ps3 go to "system update" then choose "update via storage media" NOTE: disable any internet connection from ps3 and remove any game disc from th
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