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  1. fixagel

    Mojib Ribbon [NTSC-J]

    nice, didn't ever knew about this title.
  2. fixagel

    Hi from germany

    Hola y bienvenido greetings from latinoamerica have fun around
  3. fixagel


    Welcome to the forum and have fun around :)
  4. fixagel

    Wii U External HDD

    Well the one I use was 120gb and tbh it fill -almost- all my wii u needs (But no Wii nor GC games) so yeah aim a lil highter if you plan to keep around all those titles that are worth replaying and don't want to bother reinstalling over time.
  5. fixagel

    Wii U External HDD

    Hello, I can tell you that if you use a USB stick it may get damage over time due to the constant reading, once while playing BOTW stop working because of that, after it cool down it work properly again but certainly woulnd't recommend it. As for the HDD I have only try with the Y-cable and so far has been working for almost two years. So I have no complains. For brands I usually go for seagate they have been prove to be realiable in my experience since most my western digital have die. But I dont know about other brands. Also I bought an 2.5" hdd and plug it into a case from aliexpress wich are cheap, if you get a 3.5" hdd you may need to buy one case with its own power supply cord. Cheers.
  6. To tell you the truth I haven't play any 'new pc game' for a while, however I always go back to 'my' classic pc games from time to time, like Gothic, Gothic 2, Morrowind, Warcraft III, F.E.A.R., VTM Bloodlines and such. Now I kind of understand what do you mean that the companies don't create new ips and those that are out are just copy paste from previous versions, so I can't help you there but still, you should take your time off those games and enjoy those that are the best for you until that feeling of boredom from new games pass or at least until a truly new game catch your eye.
  7. I do belive is a great resource to improve a language you are learning but it would be mostly usefull for those that are aiming japanese atm, still I do thank you for the upload, will check from time to time to see if I can pick new words and understand the context with those few I already know.
  8. Thanks, this game caught my eyes a while ago but due to the langauge barrier (and since I would play it mostly for the story) haven't give it a try... yet.
  9. fixagel

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^ banned for mention what we all know.
  10. fixagel


    Welcome to the forum, enjoy the stay and have fun around!
  11. I love Disgaea series they are damn fun, but I belive also that NIS is like Telltale, with one kind of game only or one trick pony. Hopefully they can pull this one and stay for a long long time.
  12. fixagel

    Hello Everyone

    Super Mario World certainly is one of the most awesome mario games! but I get some nostalgia out of Mario bros 3 with tanoki Mario! Welcome again to the forum, and I hope you enjoy the stay and have fun around.
  13. fixagel

    yandex Trapt [Ntsc]

    I remember playing this game a lot, but never finish it. Good one!
  14. fixagel

    The Abandoned Witch Legacy joins NGR

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy the stay and have fun around, dont forget to say hi on the chat, we aren't that many on but we are the usual suspects to whom you can chat. Cheers to the abandoned witch legacy.
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