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  1. Some basic cheats that can help in the game Cheat List Inf Order Power Partner R Inf Order Power Partner L Tutorial Put .psv in ux0:vitacheat/db/ Activate the cheat and during the battle your order power will always be maximum Do not use during battle tutorial (WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon vs. Machinedramon) Updates 06/18/2019 - Cheats Release Download PCSH00261.PSV
  2. After a long time looking for cheats for this game I did not succeed, so I spent some time studying it and found out how to apply my own codes. Cheat List Inf TP Inf Action Point Inf Bonus Point Inf Money Tutorial Put .psv in ux0:vitacheat/db/ Select the code you want to use After placing all the points you want, deactivate cheat Inf Bonus Point Updates 06/17/2019 - Cheats Release Download PCSB00959.PSV
  3. Thanks, can i put this in my post?
  4. For the next update I intend to change amount of items, only after that I go to EXP
  5. I can try to help you later, I'm kind of out of time now...
  6. Sometimes it is necessary to restart the game so that it works, close the game and open again and the codes will work
  7. It is necessary to update for the codes to work, the links are at the end of the topic, I tested and even after restarting the console the codes work normally Cheats will work as long as there are no changes in Digimon status (lvl, evolution, etc ...) They work in the first digimon of the group, to work in others use the option "Move Digimon" in DigiBank This is the first version of cheat, I'll be posting the updates here in this topic If it does not work, close the game and reopen, activate the cheats until they work Updates 19/03/2018 - Max Stats/Cam/ABI for
  8. I downloaded the update using the launcher of the game, I tested the cheats and even restarting the vita they work, it may be necessary to update the game so that it works correctly, I can try to upload my update folder.
  9. Is your game in version 1.04?
  10. If it works i can make more cheats...
  11. My .psv file here PCSE01171.psv
  12. Here are my codes, I did not put the item amount because the code changes the amount of item in a particular slot, and when you receive a new item, the slot changes and you lose the effect on the desired item. Codes on Spoiler
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