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  1. Gamerone

    mediafire LINUX for XBOX

    @MobCat 😺 fixed, I miss that place! wanted to share my old memories of it! It's sad they're gone now! It was a great place!
  2. Thanks for helping me locate this @demondude777 for @MobCat
  3. Thanks for helping me locate this @demondude777 for @MobCat
  4. Gamerone

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam II

    @vero request filled
  5. Gamerone

    Harvest Moon Save the Homeland

    @vero request filled
  6. Gamerone

    Superman Returns

    @kiko11 request filled
  7. Gamerone

    Hello from Chile

  8. Gamerone

    mediafire X.M.U.G.E.N.

    @demondude777 they will work, thing about this version of mugen must have 1st party controllers, I haven't found any 3rd party that worked with this. I did get it to work with a mini keyboard.
  9. Gamerone

    Requests: Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Unreal 2

    request filled @demondude777
  10. Gamerone

    Hello - New here

  11. @demondude777 yes it can be played with a controller.
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