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  1. Gamerone

    yandex Astérix The Gallic War

    @leopard1791 Your Welcome! I notice that also. That some games run into a compatibility issues when converting them.
  2. Gamerone

    Panzer Front ausf.b

    @CrayonMechant I found the Pal Version, I will upload that one
  3. Gamerone

    yandex Brave Prove (English Patched)

    @Benjamin Lasure Request Filled!
  4. Gamerone

    [REQ] FX Unit Yuki

    @R1SKbreaker found it, request filled!
  5. Gamerone

    PSX2PSP game request.

    @leopard1791 request filled
  6. Gamerone

    PSX2PSP game request.

    @leopard1791 I'll upload it for you later!
  7. @potatoemaker Its just a compatibility issue works best on a internal Harddrive. Launching it through Opl. I updated my post, hope it helps you, and other members that have compatibility issues.
  8. @Patoeky Fixed, Thanks for letting me know
  9. @Lycan212 I can help you its very easy, You need to download magic iso install it and open it. Go to tools select convert. Then find source file. After that choose output format. Then click convert, the bin cue will be the source folder with the iso
  10. Thanks @DT969 I'll add a link in Downloads in case somebody else gets confused
  11. Gamerone

    Proper hello!

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