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  1. Jackhammer

    Hey There

    Hey Lefty...
  2. Jackhammer


    Welcome dl...
  3. Jackhammer

    OutRun Online Arcade ps3 roms

  4. Jackhammer

    mega.nz [ROM SET] MAME4droid 0.375b

    It is an old set. As far as I know it is complete. New link added.
  5. Jackhammer

    mega.nz [Emulator][MAME] DS Pack v1.9.5

    New link added.
  6. A number of series and documentaries can be streamed for free from HBO starting today. You don't need to have an active subscription for it, although a VPN may be required outside of the USA. For the month of April, watch some of HBO’s most beloved shows and documentaries, plus a selection of movies — entirely for free. Just head to HBO GO or HBO NOW or On Demand to watch every episode of series like The Sopranos, Veep and The Wire along with documentaries including McMillion$ and I Love You, Now Die and movies like Crazy. Stupid. Love. and Blinded by the Light, no subscription req
  7. 8-Bit Annual 2018 and 2019 digital versions are now FREE https://eightbitmagazine.com/
  8. Jackhammer

    Greetings NGR

    Hey, Dill... 🙃
  9. Jackhammer

    Officially leaving NextGenRoms

    I was just thinking the same.
  10. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    It's been a while, anyway I ended up getting a refurbished 1TB WD portable HDD straight from Western Digital for £23. I use a Y-cable and have had no problems so far. As well as Wii-U games, I've tried Wii and GCN injects. I need a 128GB SD card for a RetroArch pack I grabbed from Usenet.
  11. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    I was looking at taking a 120GB HDD out of a broken laptop, but I think it wont be enough space. I'm looking at converting a few Gamecube and Wii games so they appear on the main menu and can use the same HDD.
  12. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    I have a PAL CBHC Wii U. I have ripped a few of my games and installed to the NAND. I need an external HDD since the NAND is only 32GB. 1: Do I go for a portable HDD with a Y cable, or one with its own power supply? 2: Has anyone any suggestions on brands that are reliable? 3: Is it a waste of time using a USB stick instead of an HDD?
  13. Jackhammer

    Raspberry Pi 3b Questions

    I'm thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi 3b. I've done a bit of reading, but I'm still not sure of a few things. It will be exclusively for emulators a few of which I have the Arcade Punks packs. I will be getting one from eBay UK. So to the questions. 1. Is it a good idea to get a starter pack, one with controllers, keyboard HDMI lead etc? I've read the supplied SNES controllers are poor. 2. If using a case, does it need any sort of cooling? 3. Can I use my PS3 or Wii U Pro controller with the Pi? 4. Can I use a USB stick instead of an SD card? 5. What sort of
  14. Jackhammer

    Modded PS Vita questions

    Apart from the FW version, the only other info I have is in the advert. Edit: Vita has been sold. Guess I was too slow. Will keep an eye out for another.
  15. Jackhammer

    Modded PS Vita questions

    Is it an offline hack, similar to the PSP? Edit: Going by the photos it looks like an OLED version. I'm guessing that uses a proprietary power cable? Is there any other way to charge an OLED version?
  16. Jackhammer

    Modded PS Vita questions

    I've not kept up with the PS Vita scene. Last time I looked you needed to be on 3.60. So I need a bit of advice. I can buy a modded vita, but it's on 3.68, the guy said it runs everything no problem. Here's the ad. Ps vita great condition comes with charger wire Has 64g memory card installed with access to a free eshop with every vita psx and PSP game free to download Also 1000s of retro games installed Is this legit? Is 3.68 fully hacked. Is the eshop the same principle as the 3DS eshop?
  17. Jackhammer

    Deals Thread

    UNCHARTED The Nathan Drake Collection $7.99 Normal price $19.99. This price is only available from 3/9/2018 04:00 pm to 3/12/2018 03:00 pm. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA02320_00-UNCHARTEDTRILOGY
  18. Summary: Hidden away in underground leagues and counter-culture clubs, Sega introduces a brutal new brand of soccer. Played by thugs who kick ass on and off the field, participants opt to watch their backs and let the crowds watch the game. Since nastiness supplants sportsmanship in this 3-on-3 hybrid of the world's most popular sport, the rulebook is only good as a splint for broken bones. Given its rule-bending recipe, Soccer Slam is an exciting and original game, in which individual achievement prevails over teamwork while gameplay focuses on speed, skill, and aggression. This means
  19. Jackhammer

    mega.nz [Emulator][MAME] DS Pack v1.9.5

    This is an arcade emulator for the Nintendo DS, which started basically as an emulator for Pac-Man. It has grown to include quite a large selection of supported games. You will need a flashcart for this. Place the DSPack.nds in the root of your SD card. Place the MAMERoms folder in the root of your SD card. You can optionally extract and add both DSPack-marquees-cabinets-resources.7z and DSPack-captures-flyers-resources.7z to the MAMERoms folder. https://mega.nz/file/AmpTHbTB#rLwG-O9j_Oz9roo8NvyhLOVFVkY3lO0f_UTFrzNBB2A
  20. Jackhammer

    mega.nz [ROM SET] MAME4droid 0.375b

    MAME4droid 0.375b Romset https://mega.nz/file/cjIkRIzK#J2a-KeplsR-dsdzwj3n0Yx6Z4phb-O8ADKCssZ-8FuA Password: Jackhammer I have used this Romset on my old Xperia Play, but I am told it will also work with RetroPie.
  21. Jackhammer

    mega.nz Snes Station 2.3 + Full USA Romset

    This is made clear in the first post. You can use ESR Disc Patcher to unpatch.
  22. This extracts to an ESR patched ISO and is ready to burn to DVD and play with Free McBoot. https://mega.nz/#!tVF2kSTJ!kEh8EDpHgIK_dto79lDmBpsO8-X0RO6wcdej9ww6Gd8
  23. Jackhammer


    Thanks for the warm welcome.
  24. Jackhammer


    Received an invite from Lord Valarion a while back, forgot about it until now.
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