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  1. Ninja Usagimaru: Two Tails of Adventure (PS Vita)
  2. Jackhammer

    Hey There

    Hey Lefty...
  3. Jackhammer


    Welcome dl...
  4. Jackhammer

    OutRun Online Arcade ps3 roms

  5. Jackhammer

    mega.nz [ROM SET] MAME4droid 0.375b

    It is an old set. As far as I know it is complete. New link added.
  6. Jackhammer

    mega.nz [Emulator][MAME] DS Pack v1.9.5

    New link added.
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  9. Jackhammer

    Greetings NGR

    Hey, Dill...
  10. Jackhammer

    Officially leaving NextGenRoms

    I was just thinking the same.
  11. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    It's been a while, anyway I ended up getting a refurbished 1TB WD portable HDD straight from Western Digital for £23. I use a Y-cable and have had no problems so far. As well as Wii-U games, I've tried Wii and GCN injects. I need a 128GB SD card for a RetroArch pack I grabbed from Usenet.
  12. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    I was looking at taking a 120GB HDD out of a broken laptop, but I think it wont be enough space. I'm looking at converting a few Gamecube and Wii games so they appear on the main menu and can use the same HDD.
  13. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    I have a PAL CBHC Wii U. I have ripped a few of my games and installed to the NAND. I need an external HDD since the NAND is only 32GB. 1: Do I go for a portable HDD with a Y cable, or one with its own power supply? 2: Has anyone any suggestions on brands that are reliable? 3: Is it a waste of time using a USB stick instead of an HDD?
  14. Jackhammer

    Raspberry Pi 3b Questions

    I'm thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi 3b. I've done a bit of reading, but I'm still not sure of a few things. It will be exclusively for emulators a few of which I have the Arcade Punks packs. I will be getting one from eBay UK. So to the questions. 1. Is it a good idea to get a starter pack, one with controllers, keyboard HDMI lead etc? I've read the supplied SNES controllers are poor. 2. If using a case, does it need any sort of cooling? 3. Can I use my PS3 or Wii U Pro controller with the Pi? 4. Can I use a USB stick instead of an SD card? 5. What sort of price is reasonable for just the bare-bones system (no accessories). I've seen them around the £30-£40 mark.
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