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  1. schwer

    How did you find VP or NGR?

    Ok, this will be kinda long.. I found about a youtuber, I would include how I found youtube too to make this list longer but I don't remember it , that youtuber said persona 3-4 were two of his favorite games. Played persona3-4 on ps2 emulator, after years, bought a PS4 for persona 5, there were some other games I would like to play as well but persona 5 was the main reason. After feeling the satisfaction of quality of persona 5 and paying for a console, I bought a vita for persona 4 golden and persona 4 dancing all night. After buying vita and getting involved in henkaku, I searched wher
  2. Update, I reseted my computer and it works. I tried uninstalling drivers etc but I damaged drivers so bad with zadig, I could only make it work by reinstalling windows lol. Thank you again for help and program suggestion
  3. Yep. I just got my vita and i didn't know i had to press select to connect(i am not used to using guides, my bad again) so i tried to connect it using programs.. all i had to do was literally pressing one button lol. i need to reinstall windows(because of other reasons) already so it won't be a problem but, i can't right now, i will need to wait thank you for your help
  4. 1)yep 2)yep 3)10 4)all 3.0, maybe one is 2.0 but i am not sure. file explorer showed my vita once so it isn't the problem. 5) enabled,it isn't trying to find drivers for vita. i updated them from device manager. 6)yep 7)i am not sure what that is, i will check and edit this. 8)yep 9)qcma has wi fi option? i will try it. 10)i tried different drivers. i also used a problem called "zadig" to change those drivers. probably that's where i messed up. i just needed to open vitashell and press select, but i didn't know so i installed-reinstalled-deleted lot
  5. OK, so i tried some possible letters... Well, no luck. I can't see my vita on file explorer as i said, probably thats why. I can only see it on device manager.
  6. I already have vitashell 1.61. How do i exactly write that "attrib -h X:\path\to\where\the\vita\is\mounted\* /S /D -s -r" thing? First, i dont know where vita is mounted, since i cant see it. It's probably F. So, what should i write ? "attrib -h F:\* /S /D -s -r" without quatation mark?
  7. Edit: Basically, i screwed my drivers up with zadig and couldn't fix it. I reinstalled windows, now it's fixed. OK, after trying many things, i give up and need help. Vita is shown on device manager, but not on file explorer. It is most likely a problem with my pc, everything seems OK at vita side. Vita was shown in file manager once, but since i couldn't see all folders i changed some settings and i can't get to see it again on file explorer(all i need to do was showing the protected files, my bad). Some information for people willing to help, PC is win10. Vita is h
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