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  1. RyouBakura

    mega Persona 4 UNDUB

    @ihavetubes I merged it because it's the same game. I thought it seemed appropriate.
  2. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for being mean.
  3. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for getting that post count.
  4. RyouBakura

    The Idolmaster July 26, 2005

    Either that or this game is in 8 bits.
  5. RyouBakura

    The Idolmaster July 26, 2005

    Namco ain't letting people play [email protected] without a fight.
  6. RyouBakura

    mega.nz Superbad (Unrated Extended Edition) (2007)

    The only thing I remember about this movie is the "Mclovin" joke, and the penis nation ending credits.
  7. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for having such a delicious taco.
  8. @JoJoao It is. Google just thinks "ps4.cloud" sounds like a malicious site. It's maintained by the NGR team, and doesn't even have ads. We just use it as a URL shortener, so don't sweat it.
  9. RyouBakura

    mediafire Demolition Girl [Pal]

    Yeah I've experienced something like that before. Mainly with early PS2 games.
  10. RyouBakura

    New member

    Yoho~ Hello and welcome!
  11. RyouBakura

    Final fantasy xv problems

    FFXV is very demanding. Your computer might just be too weak for it. What are your specs?
  12. RyouBakura

    new member

    Hello and welcome! Glad to have you aboard~
  13. RyouBakura

    mega.nz Langrisser IV (English Patched) (NTSC-J)

    @Randy123 I honestly don't know. Didn't tinker with any of the plugins while testing this one out.
  14. RyouBakura

    Ghost Blade

    @hombreimaginario Good to know. Sorry for not replying earlier. I did find a few ISOs, but none of which were in CDI.
  15. Just finished the forth seasons of both My Hero Academia, and Seven Deadly Sins. Academia was pretty good. The first arc was pretty well done, the second arc felt like a filler, but I have no gripes with it. Seven Deadly Sins was a mess. People are complaining about the drop in art and animation, but I don't mind that. What annoys me is that the entire pacing just feels off. Like they keep throwing new shit at us and trying to finish up everything as fast as they can.
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