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  1. Hey guys and girls, this isn't really a Tutorial, but I think this Forum-Sections fits best. I sometimes like to scrape some Website for their useful information. So I thought I'd be nice to compile a List of all games that are available for the PS Vita on the official PSN-Store. Lists include Title-ID, Name, Platforms (might be more than just Vita), Store-Link and Cover / Image-DeepLink. Hope this is useful for some of you.EU List | US List I did some random checks for some games, and it seems to be all in order, but there is no guarantee that all this Info is 100% correct.
  2. GosuSan

    Converting .BIN and .CUE to EBOOT

    It would be easier to help if we knew what you have already tried. I don't really convert PS1 Games that often, but when I did, I always used this Tool: PSX2PSP Did you try that? It comes with a detailed explanation on the linked page, so maybe that's working.
  3. GosuSan

    Some Vita related questions

    Thanks for your reply, that was really helpful already. Some more specific questions: Is it enough to logout of PSN when playing dumped games? Does somebody know if you can install games with maidump that were extracted (via psvimgtools) from your CMA-Backup? Just trying to gather as much informations as possible right now ^^ Thanks again and have a nice day everyone
  4. No, Openload is banned, see here:
  5. GosuSan

    Some Vita related questions

    Hey everyone, currenty I try to get updated on what is the "go-to" of some Vita-related stuff, so I can get a bit more involved. I actually searched a lot in google, wololo or /r/vitapiracy but most answers were either "we don't talk about piracy here" or the replies were really old. So here is a list of questions I have right now, any help is much appreciated: If I choose to play backups of games I don't own (yeah yeah, I know), what are safety-measures I can take? e.g. sign out of PSN? switch PSN? Airplane mode? What is the go-to dumping-tool right now? Since Vit
  6. Hello everyone! I am Gosu, 26 years old, residing in Germany. I am here to enjoy Homebrew and to inform myself and others about what is going on in the Vita-Scene. (My PCH-1004 is my one and only Handheld besides my PSP that is just lying around.) I also like writing Tutorials, assembling Lists etc, so I might do something along those lines as soon as I really "arrived" here in the Forums. When it comes to Tutorials, I always try to only write about things I really understand and am comfortable in what I do. Well, that's pretty much it, I wish you all a happy Easter!
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