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  1. RaptorJesus

    yandex Miku no Hi 39′s Giving Day Project DIVA (2010)

    Uploaded the SHA1 files but not the videos?
  2. RaptorJesus

    Game repo

    Anyone know of a good 360 repo for games? Just completed an RGH and want to start messing with it.
  3. RaptorJesus


    Looks like a VM with a USB modem to tunnel online gaming. I guess it's a PC version of DreamPi. Basically it lets you run some software on your PC to allow you do use the dialu-p modem in your Dreamcast to connect to internet servers and play multiplayer games.
  4. RaptorJesus

    [REQ] RGH mod tutorial?

    I have 3x XBox360s and recently picked up a couple of mod chips for them, does anyone have a decent mod guide? Looking for where I put the mod chips, one was a blue board with a Xilinx Coolrunner II CPLD on it, the other was a yellow board, X360Run I think it was listed as. I haven't checked what versions of XBoxes I have, at least one of them has an old drive softmod though. Thanks in advance
  5. The House in Fata Morgana is on NPS, 25/5/19, not sure if it's the Dreams edition
  6. RaptorJesus

    dropbox Sexy Parodius (NTSC-J)

    Redownloaded and unarchived just fine with the listed password using The Unarchiver on macOS, so the password is correct.
  7. RaptorJesus

    [REQ] FX Unit Yuki

    Anyone have this?
  8. macOS and Linux all day long. Windows 10 can jam all kinds of sharp objects and Microsoft's refusal to support their last good OS (7, it will be their last good forever it seems) means I'll gladly spend the money on Apple gear for my primary, and SteamPlay / Lutris / Playstation everything else. Also I'll never use a Google product, evil company, the most evil private company. I use Safari on macOS and Firefox / Waterfox on everything else, DuckDuckGo for searches and homebridge for home automation (testing out MyCroft for voice, not sold on it yet).
  9. RaptorJesus

    How did you find VP or NGR?

    Ditto, VP from r/Vitapiracy until NGR came along
  10. Just finished God of War (2018), wasn't bad. Now around 30 hours into Dragon Quest XI, but my copy of Summer Lessons Allison Snow & Chisato Shinjo arrived the other day so probably time to crack out the PSVR
  11. RaptorJesus

    Dead or Alive 3

    Hrm, so it appears that the 230Mb or so file zips to only 4Mb where the original file zips to around 190Mb, so it might be incomplete or designed to merge. I'll mess with it and let you know if I get it working
  12. RaptorJesus

    Dead or Alive 3

    Hey, I'm after DoA3, specifically the one that works with the modded outfits set (replaces the bgm.afs file I think) TIA
  13. 100% supportive of this, I just copied a bunch of games off my 3 OG XBoxes, and am looking for more to collect so thanks!
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