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  1. Axeo30

    Persona Q2 - Yukiko

    The fact its adorable characters from a great franchise as chibis is another selling point. Personally I'm stoked.
  2. Axeo30

    Hey all :)

    Thanks for joining us welcome! And you have good taste the Dreamcast is my go to console I don't own one sadly but god do I have roms and a emulator for it lol. Enjoy yourself we are a open community and welcome new peeps.
  3. Axeo30

    English Translations?

    Oooh I may have to check Into those thanks Ryou
  4. Axeo30


    Welcome it's great to have your new insight and knowledge. Hopefully you have fun here
  5. There was a post with someone advertising meds. Its removed now but I just thought that was amusing.
  6. Wow that's the first time I seen spam on here.
  7. Axeo30


    Yup we are all friendly and some bite with remarks lol. But nice to meet you and welcome to the site.
  8. Axeo30

    Modded PS Vita questions

    I would say get a stock vita and hack it yourself. To be honest the hacking process is super easy and with the new one out all the work is basically done for you. And getting the apps to get free games like pkgj are already on here. And if you need help feel free to pm me or ask around. We are here to help.
  9. Axeo30

    giveaway Free Steam Keys

    I want the streets of rage and condemned pack if no one claims it what can I say I'm a sega fan. Oh and this will be the last time I'll do this cause I dont want to be a leech. Your contribution is appreciated.
  10. Axeo30


    Welcome to the fold and awesome handle btw. Always good to know another metal fan cause OF COURSE!
  11. It's on pkgj cause I remember getting the dlc there along with the update
  12. That's subjective actually I enjoyed the Dark knight trilogy.
  13. Just finished Deadpool 2 and damn that was a well done movie. Ryan Reynolds really hit it out of the park again. Then again I expected nothing less.
  14. Axeo30

    giveaway Free Steam Keys

    Alright I redeemed the gunstar heroes key
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