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  1. ckv1212

    Recruiting mods!

    Moderator applications are open once again. Specifically for moderating the requests section by merging topics requesting the same game/update/DLC and also for marking requests that have been resolved as solved.
  2. Probably buggy. Wait for the dev to update.
  3. [align=center]Thanks to MPTSakura (the publisher) and the anonymous developer Download[/align] GitPage :
  4. A user posted this here with a zippyshare link , I've converted it to mega for you guys Thanks Hoshi-Maru [hidden]!nRkEWATT!c99NLsU1VcKQmIiInuTR8wp0DBezsLFG-ybBed6yC-g[/hidden]
  5. ckv1212

    Is it posible to have a new PS vita Web brawser?

    If someone takes time to develop it then ofcourse. It's possible. No one has done it yet is all.
  6. ckv1212

    Newbie askin for help

    [mod=ckv1212]This belongs in the General section. Topic moved[/mod]
  7. [bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo]
  8. You dont need Vitamin to play the games. You only need HenKaKu and Vitashell..
  9. ckv1212

    Um, hello?

    Don't update your PS TV. Keep it at firmware 3.60 . Open the browser and go to Rest is easy
  10. ckv1212


    [mod=ckv1212]Topic moved. Please post help questions in General discussions.[/mod]
  11. ckv1212

    Why hello there ... ws/forums/ Hopefully this brings back some memories for you
  12. Look at this retard. [bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo]
  13. Unfortunate. What about with MaiDump ?
  14. Thanks to reddit user Reanlaura for the translation. MaiDumpTool is an alternative to Vitamin. The devs are really quiet though. download
  15. Yes . Dumps that were not working before will work now. Im dumping Killzone as we speak.
  16. I'm dumping Killzone mercenaries . Will try to dump updates after that. Level 0 compression though as I wanted it to be done fast.
  17. I believe so , since theflow said compatibility has been improved dramatically . You wouldn't know for sure until someone tries it.
  18. Ikr! the flow is getting some shit atm for some reason though Really excited for all the new dumps.
  19. Changelog v2.0 Please use Vitamin 2.0 from now on to dump any games. TAG your posts with [VT2.0] if its dumped with 2.0 ! Download Now
  20. ckv1212

    ps vita all stars online pass

    Not from PSN no. I'm sure someone will find a workaround for it.
  21. First of all I'd like to make this clear : None of our staff supports or uses these services or profit off of anything ! We are completely self funded and I pay out of my own pocket for the server that we are hosted on. I did ask for donations but we haven't received anything. But I'm not crying . I'm not trying to profit off of this. Kinda sad that people thought otherwise for actions that are not committed by the staff. ADFLY links and other such links are now BANNED! And for people who think we could host our website on a free host ... I'm afraid you're wrong. We used up over 25gigs of bandwidth and any free host would have shut us down by now. Purely from server usage. We're on a dedicated server. And I'm paying for it out of my hard earned money.. Please guys .. understand. I dont want to profit from this website. If something is not posted by the staff , its not endorsed by us.
  22. I fixed your formatting. Having everything in bold and size 150 was really painful to see I made it look pretty for you.