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    Pcloud 7 million Users Giveaway!!!

    7 out of 7 million people. You have a better chance at winning the lottery
  2. Sure, I was planning to send you one regardless. And yeah most people I know don't have a 3G vita, I was really disappointed when I heard about the internal one at first. I still can't believe though that Sony is giving us all this trouble just because they decided to be greedy ***ks.
  3. I've ordered the custom PCB and am waiting for the micro sd slots to arrive. Also, Yes. They do let you use a regular micro sd card via your game card slot instead of those shitty sony memcards. If you're lucky enough to be in the US, You can order pre made ones from modsiah here : If you're in Europe, I can ship a few (Once I get and test mine) as long as you're an active member on here. It costs about 10 euros I think.
  4. For those who remember this thread : I found something similar, Well I can't really say found because atm it's featured on PS4 store as free to play and there are 8.25 million players. Isn't it obvious what they're copying...
  5. Hello mate, A warm welcome to NGR. We do appreciate user submitted content and look forward to working with you
  6. The title scared me. But ofcourse I'm all for NN.
  7. Picked up Battleborn for PS4 for $1 . The game looks nice and the gameplay is nice too. You have to wait a long time in Lobby tho
  8. Excellent, well written tutorial. Keep 'em coming ?
  9. Final version of Fraps. Registered.!pKJXADJD!Tgv1w4QeGGiPYre9PmJbTgTxbE5mv6gew4deJZqXPxk
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    Please upvote this thread so that more users see it. I'm interested as well. But I do have to ask, Do trophies sync now that PSN access is gone?
  11. ckv1212

    The New 2DS XL

    @RyouBakura It's annoying me how Nintendo manages to release these things to waste my money on. I'd love for my New 3ds xl to look like that. It just looks a lot more simple and nice imo.
  12. ckv1212

    Light Gray Color on Quotes Hard to Read

    @Ravenstorm Oh Then I'm not sure. Do you have the same issue while using your phone ? I tried to change the css colouring but it messed the whole thing up lol. I'll try and fix it down the line but glad you're enjoying the dark theme for the moment
  13. Yeah and they also take files down quite quick. Openload used to be a decent source a very long time ago. But they're not alright now. Why don't you use GDrive or Mega?
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    Topic moved to the appropriate section.
  15. ckv1212

    Light Gray Color on Quotes Hard to Read

    Well I could edit it. But I think your monitor might be ageing. Let me see what I can do about it.
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    Donations can now be made from the home page directly.
  17. ckv1212

    Status of PS Vita Dumps...

    For what its worth, I'll download the RSG Torrent and reupload it to other hosts and post a topic here with all the games. I'm lost as far as what can be done. If every user contributed their own dumps then it'd be a totally different scenario but most people that come here don't even get involved in threads or even say thank you.
  18. ckv1212

    New Admin of NGR

    You really are a weaboo hahahaha
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    Hi Skeezix! Welcome, Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  20. ckv1212

    entertainment important videos

    I finished it!!!!!!
  21. ckv1212


    @Ravenstorm yeah firesticks work!
  22. ckv1212

    game A Never Ever Ending Story

    And went to
  23. ckv1212

    game A Never Ever Ending Story

    ..divorced my wife..