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  1. Just wanted to resurrect this discussion purely for analytical purposes
  2. ckv1212

    Hi , my name is Darkeholy

    Hey Dark! Welcome to NGR we are happy to have you here.
  3. ckv1212

    Hentai - Adult games?

    Theres a club on here called Lewd Club that allows you to share these
  4. ckv1212


    @Perry20155 yeah bud but we cant port games ygm.
  5. ckv1212


  6. ckv1212

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Donuts and coffee
  7. ckv1212

    Emuwizards Administrator/Owner

    Will do for sure <3. @Deadzero
  8. ckv1212

    Emuwizards Administrator/Owner

    Yep its Valarion. I'm 99% sure
  9. ckv1212

    Emuwizards Administrator/Owner

    Hi Deadzero, Could you kindly tell us what the username of the admin over there was? Did you join NGR from an invite?
  10. ckv1212

    Hello everyone

    No worries. Appreciate your honesty
  11. This is kinda shitty of Microsoft. It costs them next to nothing to maintain the game servers idk why they pulled the plug like that.
  12. ckv1212

    Ass Eating

    @bobsbutt111 Oh wow. I rather not unless your sister is on the table?
  13. ckv1212

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Chicken Fillet burger Meal with a Tango Apple drink.
  14. ckv1212

    Hey there!

    Welcome to NGR Thank you for taking the time to write this btw, warms my heart to know what we do helps.
  15. Hi everyone, iOS Frontend Dev We're currently actively working on an iOS app for NGR and would love it if any of you on the forums have experience with Swift development and can contribute. We already have secured a UI/UX developer but would still welcome any inputs. The code will be open source and will be published on a public git repo. Our backend is powered by ips and firebase. In terms of compensation, you will be upgraded to an NGR VIP/Developer and I would also be willing to discuss other monetary contribution if it is absolutely required. Frontend Web Dev We have been using off the shelf themes for ips for a while now and want to take the next step towards making NGR better. This can either be done by developing a full frontend and linking it to IPS and firebase backend (which, understandably takes a considerable amount of time) or we can just focus on editing and customising existing IPS default theme for the time being.
  16. ckv1212

    Painting the Switch backplate

    Would this be a good idea considering that the current gen switches have been known to heat and warp? @Potato-Desu
  17. ckv1212

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    I ate a juicy cheeseburger.
  18. ckv1212

    Prez Of AnnonyMouSS

    Hi Olivier, Welcome to NGR! Let us know if you need any help Please kindly get involved and share your thoughts always!
  19. Hi @vladone97 , CFW would be out within a few weeks in my opinion, it MIGHT get harder to find a switch from online stores. I'd suggest you purchase now if you have the funds. It will be a software hack and won't require you opening up the console as far as I know. (I may be wrong.) Yes, Piracy will be possible with this exploit. We will open up a switch downloads section for regular members soon.
  20. I use this on most of my windows installations. It really does help a lot in terms of improving in-game performance and helps to get rid of f*cking Cortana running in the background even when disabled! https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10
  21. ckv1212

    official Introducing NextGenRom's Minecraft Server~!

    @jezzymods I can give you premium minecraft acc if you want.
  22. ckv1212


    @StripeBrawler +1 to the GPD Pocket! F**k yeah dude! I have one too.
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