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  1. Just wanted to resurrect this discussion purely for analytical purposes
  2. ckv1212

    Hi , my name is Darkeholy

    Hey Dark! Welcome to NGR we are happy to have you here.
  3. ckv1212

    Hentai - Adult games?

    Theres a club on here called Lewd Club that allows you to share these
  4. ckv1212


    @Perry20155 yeah bud but we cant port games ygm.
  5. ckv1212


  6. ckv1212

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Donuts and coffee
  7. ckv1212

    Emuwizards Administrator/Owner

    Will do for sure <3. @Deadzero
  8. ckv1212

    Emuwizards Administrator/Owner

    Yep its Valarion. I'm 99% sure
  9. ckv1212

    Emuwizards Administrator/Owner

    Hi Deadzero, Could you kindly tell us what the username of the admin over there was? Did you join NGR from an invite?
  10. ckv1212

    Hello everyone

    No worries. Appreciate your honesty
  11. This is kinda shitty of Microsoft. It costs them next to nothing to maintain the game servers idk why they pulled the plug like that.
  12. ckv1212

    Ass Eating

    @bobsbutt111 Oh wow. I rather not unless your sister is on the table?
  13. ckv1212

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Chicken Fillet burger Meal with a Tango Apple drink.
  14. ckv1212

    Hey there!

    Welcome to NGR Thank you for taking the time to write this btw, warms my heart to know what we do helps.
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