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    ok so I have a problem & the creator of the project hasn't been anywhere since 2016. My problem is that I used exp cheats to digivovle my digimon to get the powerful ones and increasing the ubs drive item*so I can try to max out my encounter rate* cheat and by doing this it seems my save & game is corrupt. No no matter how many times I re install the save before the error occurs or how man times I reinstall the game I still have the error saying vita will force shut down. Can anyone help me out. The hole reason I started the vita version was to easily max out my digimon & also increase the encounter rate. I was on chapter 17 & almost near completing my ps4 copy but cant use cross save for reasons so was hoping someone could help me out that has used the cheats & finished the game. What cheats work that wont cause a corrupt save or game.
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